Grow Your Own Funny Cress Heads!

Here's something to brighten your day. Cress Heads!
So simple to make & guaranteed to make you smile.

What you'll need:
Packet of cress seeds
A little compost
Small recycled flower pot or any suitable clean container
Small piece of card
Sticky tape & Scissors
Pencils/crayons/ felt-tips

Start off by drawing a funny face on your card, colour it in, & cut it out
Stick onto your pot, fairly near the top (so when the cress grows it looks like hair)
Put some compost in the pot & sprinkle the cress seeds over the top
Add a little water & place on a windowsill or somewhere near daylight
Watch the seeds as they grow & add a little water if the soil feels dry.

The funny face will soon have funky green 'hair', just watch it grow.

When it's time to give it a haircut, simply cut the cress with scissors, & then enjoy it in a sandwich or salad.

A great activity to introduce seeds/plants to children, how to care for living things, to talk about what plants need to grow, & to encourage children to grow their own food.