Having Fun with the Chores Outside!

OK, so it's normally an indoor activity, but when the sun is shining why not do those chores outside! It's a great opportunity to explore the properties of water & it doesn't matter if it flies everywhere! Here's how Minnie enjoyed washing the dishes out in the open!

We added a selection of different items to a washing up bowl which enabled Minnie to discover some simple maths & science concepts through her play. 

She had so much fun running around the garden exploring the many bubbles which were produced by the soapy water. She discovered an alternative way to blow bubbles as she spun around with the soapy sieve in her hands! She continued exploring the sensory properties of bubbles on hands & then her feet.


She loved pouring & transferring the washing up water from one container to another, & in doing so explored weight, capacity, volume, hand-eye coordination & more.

She discovered some amazing reflections & shadows with the sunlight too.

Minnie loves washing clothes outside, there are just sooo many bubbles to play with! 
This is such a neat activity to explore textures & different fabrics, & how they react to water.

She ended up with two containers, one with soap & water & one with just water. She decided she'd wash the clothes with her feet in one, & rinse the soap off in the other!

She loved creating patterns on the concrete as she squeezed the water from the clothes. Who says laundry is boring!

Hanging out the washing allowed Minnie to develop her fine motor skills as she manipulated the pegs, & hung up the wet washing.

Whilst hanging the washing out she was exploring the weight of the wet wool & why her washing line was hanging so low!

She also had fun washing baby dolls, small toys & the windows!

And the best way to finish any washing routine is of course with a splash in some homemade puddles!

 Doing the washing up, cleaning & laundry chores outside offers great opportunities for sensory exploration, role play, imaginative play, science, maths, language, & so much more! What chores could you kids do outside?