Yarn Wrapped Peace Doves - Prayer activity for Ukraine

Here's a simple tactile prayer activity for all ages & stages to pray for the people of Ukraine. These Yarn Wrap Peace Dove are designed for children, but could be used as a reflective prayer activity for adults too. Use them as a prayer prompt to have at home, or hang them in trees around your neighbourhood. 

To set up the activity you'll need lengths of blue & yellow yarn, recycled cardboard (a carboard box is ideal for this), & our dove template.

Print out our free dove template here: Peace Dove Printable. Once cut out, draw around it & cut out your cardboard doves.

Tie the yellow length of yarn around the dove to secure it, & then wrap the yarn around & around the dove. Secure the end with a knot as before, or tuck it behind the wrapped yarn. 

As you wrap the yellow yarn around your dove you could pray this simple prayer:

God of hope,
Surround the people of Ukraine with love.
Surround the people of Ukraine with peace.
Surround the people of Ukraine with courage.

Add the blue length of yarn in the same way, as you wrap it around the dove you might like to pray this simple prayer:

God of hope,
Surround world leaders with wisdom.
Surround world leaders with compassion.
Surround world leaders with justice.

4 ideas for your Yarn Wrapped Peace Doves:

1. Hang them in your home or in a window to help you prayer for the situation in Ukraine.

2. Hang them in trees around your neighbourhood, your churchyard or school playground.

3. Send your peace dove to your MP to highlight the needs of the Ukrainian people.

4. Send your dove to a Ukrainian family to let them know they're not alone.

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