DIY Nativity Story Stones with free Printable Characters

Make your own Nativity Stones with these free printable characters. Story Stones are a great way for children to explore the Christmas Story, & what's more, they're really quick & simple to make. All you need is the free printable [in this post] & you can make your own set of Nativity Story Stones in minutes. No need for fancy pens or paint, all you need is our printable.

Story Stones are great for children to explore alongside a Nativity storybook, or to enable them to retell the Christmas Story in their own words. I'm a big fan of story stones, not only are they great for exploring & sequencing a narrative, but they offer opportunities to develop imagination, creativity & communication skills.

Often people say they can't make their own because they don't have the craft pens or paint, or they don't feel they're artistic enough. So with this in mind, I thought I'd create a simple set of printable Nativity figures to enable anyone to make their own beautiful set of Nativity Story Stones. 

To make the Nativity Story Stones you'll need scissors, PVA glue, a small paintbrush, & pebbles. We bought our pebbles from a local garden centre, by Baker Ross & other online stores offer similar.

How to make the Nativity Story Stones:

:: Print off our Printable Nativity Characters for Story Stones HERE & cut each character out. 

:: Brush a thin layer of glue over the pebble & stick on your character.

:: To seal the design, brush over another layer of PVA glue. (You only need to brush over the image once or twice, or you'll risk the ink running.)

Leave to dry for a few minutes & they're ready.

I hope these encourage you to make your own set of Nativity Story Stones, whether you use them to share the Christmas Story, or simply have them displayed in your home as an alternative Nativity scene.

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