Make Your Own Shamrock Spinners - exploring the Trinity

Explore the Trinity by making your own super Shamrock Spinners. Fly them indoors or outside, they're a fun-filled activity for all ages & perfect for home, children's church or school.

Why use Shamrocks to explore the Trinity?

It is thought that St Patrick once used a shamrock to explain the concept of the Trinity with the three leaves representing Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Three in one & one in three. Our Shamrock Spinners also have three leaves, one for the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, & will join together to create one Shamrock representing God. 

These shamrocks are so quick & easy to make, all you need are three strips of A4 paper (cut widthways), a paper straw, & a glue stick. Alternatively, you can download our Free Printable shamrock leaves here. For best results print on green thin card, or white card & then colour in green.

How to make the shamrock leaves...

:: Fold the three strips of paper in half. 
:: Take one strip & join the outer sides together by folding them in towards each other. 
   (We found it was easier to add a blob of glue to one side before folding them)
:: Repeat the process with the other strips so you have three shamrock leaves.

Each of the shamrock leaves is heart-shaped reminding us of the Love of the Father the Creator, the Love of the Son who lived on earth & died for us, & the Love of the Holy Spirit who lives within us. 

Before joining the leaves together you need to prep your paper straw by flattening one end (about 4cm along) & then bending it at a right angle. Glue the folded section of the straw to the side of one leaf, & then glue on the other two leaves.

How to make your Shamrock Spinner fly...

To make your Shamrock spin & twirl through the air, simply roll the straw between your hands or fingers & then let it go. These are great to use indoors but will spin even longer outdoors when they catch on a breeze. We had oodles of fun with ours & were amazed at just how far they traveled. 

If you wish to extend the activity you might like to use this simple verse that I created for children to sing to the tune of "Frรจre Jacques." 

Three in one
Three in one
One in Three
One in three
Spinning all together
Spinning all together

However you use your Spinning Shamrocks, I hope you have lots of fun celebrating the wonder of the Trinity together.