Paper Pentecost Candle - Celebrating with different languages

Celebrate Pentecost with this fabulous Paper Pentecost Candle & learn to say 'Hello' in twenty-one other languages. An ideal craft for kids of all ages & super easy to make with our Free Candle Printable.

Pentecost falls 50 days after Easter Day. Traditionally the Paschal Candle which is lit on Easter Day is extinguished at Pentecost & congregations are invited to take the light (the Good News of Jesus) out into their communities & share it with those they meet, just as the disciples did on that first Pentecost. 

This Paper Pentecost Candle not only reminds us of that light but also the Holy Spirit which brought tongues of fire enabling the disciples to speak in many languages so they were able to share the good news with everyone around them. 

On your candle, you'll find 'Hello' translated into 21 different languages, all of which can be coloured in if you wish. Alongside each translation is the name of the country where the greeting is from. This is such a neat way for kids to explore & learn simple greetings from around the world, as well as reminding them that their church family stretches way beyond their own country, & that they are part of a worldwide church family united in celebrating Pentecost.

To make your Pentecost Candle simply download your Free Printable here. It really is simple to make, all you need are scissors, a glue stick & some colouring pens/pencils. 

When you've made your Paper Pentecost Candle you could:

:: Make your Pentecost Candle 'light up' by placing a battery tealight in the base of it. Watch how the colours of 'hello' glow in the dark.

:: Hold the candle in your hands & pray for your friends far & near. Pray for those in your church & churches around the world.

:: Stand it somewhere in your house to remind you to shine Jesus' light wherever you go.

:: Learn to say 'hello' in six or more new languages.

Whether you make these candles with your family, school or church, I hope they shine bright for all to see. As the text on the back of the candle says "Shine your light brightly this Pentecost and always." 

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