Paper Easter Egg Pouches - Perfect for an Easter Egg Hunt

Wanting to do an Easter Egg Hunt but have limited resources? These Easter Egg Pouches made from recycled paper bags are perfect for any Easter Games & can be filled with anything from chocolate, small sweets, dried fruit, or confetti. Quick & easy to make, here's how we made them.

We used a couple of old paper bags to make these but any thick recycled paper would work just as well. We started by cutting the sides of the bags so we had 2 sheets of paper & then drew around a basic egg template.

Before cutting them out we made sure we had both sheets of paper together so we had 2 identical egg shapes.

To create our pouch we glued around the edge of one egg & placed the other over the top making sure we left a gap at the base so we could fill it later. We then decorated with markers & chalk pens & left to dry.

I loved making these & ended up with 12 which I filled with either sweet treats, dried fruit, or confetti. To seal the base of the egg I just added a little glue. What's great about these Easter Egg pouches is that you can fill them with whatever you choose, & the kids have no idea what's inside until they rip them open!

The confetti-filled eggs are especially fun for kids to discover, as you can imagine the colours fly everywhere! 

We're using our Paper Easter Egg Pouches for our Easter Egg Hunt in the garden on Monday & I'm trying to think of the most obscure places to hide them. I always keep one egg back as a surprise & place it near the door so it gets found just as they head back into the house. They always wonder how they missed it!

 If you don't fancy an Easter Egg Hunt you could use these eggs to create an Easter guessing game instead. Collect all the Easter Eggs together in a basket & ask your kids to feel each egg & guess what might be inside. You could always give them really crazy clues to stir their imaginations.

However you use these eggs I hope your kids have lots of fun with them, & you have a great Easter together.

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