STEM Christmas Challenge for Kids - Build a Lolly Stick Stable

Fancy setting the kids a fun STEM Challenge for Christmas? How about challenging them to construct a 3D stable using only lolly sticks!  A great activity that's so simple to set up, but offers oodles of discovery & design opportunities.

This activity is ideal for a range of ages & abilities, & great for developing problem solving skills. 

To set this STEM Christmas Challenge all you need are 10 lolly sticks per child & some washi tape. Optional - add a pair of scissors to enable children to cut the sticks.

The washi tape is perfect for holding the sticks together & can be manipulated allowing the sticks to move a little too, which is ideal when securing the sides of the stable. Children can also easily undo & reuse the tape enabling them to redesign & adapt their model as they build. 

The wonderful thing about this activity is that there are no constraints to the design, each 3D model can be as unique as the children wish. The Nativity figures can either fit inside the stable or stand alongside.

This stable was made from lolly sticks of various lengths & lots of fabulous washi tape.

You could construct with fewer sticks creating a simple design like the one below.

Or you could make a smaller stable. This one was made from lolly sticks which had been cut in half, so the stable was short & wide.

This seasonal engineering project is sure to spark lots of creativity & imagination, inspiring all designers who are set the challenge. 

If you're making these with children in a school, club, or church group then children could take their creations home to remind them of the Christmas Story. They could even use their homemade stables for their own Nativity figures. 

If you make these we'd love to see how your creations turned out. Why not share a photo over on our facebook page & we'll share it over on Twitter & Instagram too.  Happy building! 

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