Make an Advent Box for Kids to Open on 1st Dec

Make an Advent Box for children to explore in the run-up to Christmas. Each gift in the box reflects part of the Christmas Story reminding us of the real reason for the season. A great gift to make & share with relatives & friends.

Several years ago we made an Advent Box to explore in the run-up to Christmas & it's now become a family tradition. Every year on December 1st we unwrap the contents as we prepare to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas. It's a lovely way to slowly start our preparations & encourages us all to slow down  & ponder.

Our Advent Box has been popular with young relatives & friends over the years. This year I wanted to create an Advent Box that we could send to them, so we've been out & about collecting a range of goodies each one carrying with it a special message. Our original Advent Box was fairly big as it had to hold our large wooden Nativity Set along with all the other items, but these gift boxes (shoebox size) are  ideal to contain everything.

 Each Advent Box contains:

:: An Angel Ornament to decorate - A reminder of the part the Angels played in the Nativity Story. 

:: Candy Cane Pencil - Have you ever noticed that a candy cane is the same shape as a Shepherd's crook. The Shepherds were the first visitors to the stable & the first people to spread the Good News of Jesus birth.

:: A cardboard Star to colour & decorate - A reminder of the Christmas star that shone so brightly over the stable in Bethlehem.

:: Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter - A heart to remind you of God's love. Why not use this cutter to make some cookies to share with those you love this Christmas?

:: Nativity Figure - There were lots of different people in the Nativity Story, each playing their part in welcoming Jesus. See if you can find where this figure first appeared in the Nativity Story.

:: Advent Candle - A light to share with your family as you count down the days to Christmas. 

:: Cuddly Santa - A reminder of St Nicholas, another special person who gave gifts to people. Did you know that St Nicholas Day is on December 6th? Why not celebrate it by doing something kind for someone else.

:: Gold Coins - A reminder of the 3 Wise Men & their 3 gifts of Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh. Why not give one of your coins to a friend as a gift?

:: Christmas Tree - Unlike other trees, the fir tree/Christmas tree keeps it green colour all year round, a reminder of the hope Jesus brings. See how many evergreen trees you can spot around your neighbourhood. 

We added a little tag to the items to explain the meaning behind each gift & then popped them in the Advent Box ready to wrap up for 1st December. 

We have used the original Advent Box for many years now & even though we know what it contains (& we're a little older) the excitement of rediscovering its treasured contents is still there. 

I'm hoping the Advent Boxes we've made for young friends will spark just as much excitement & joy as they prepare for Christmas. 

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