Stencil an Easter Bunny Tote Bag - Recycling craft for kids

Looking for an activity for the Easter Holidays? These DIY Bunny Tote Bags are a fun & simple activity for kids of all ages to make, & a great way to recycle an old canvas bag.

We're getting ready for lots of Spring adventures & this bunny bag is perfect to take out with us.

Want to make an adorable bunny bag? Here's how to stencil your own.
The stencilling process is super simple, I've made these bags with young preschoolers before & they loved sponging the paint over their template. It's a great sensory activity too.

To make our Bunny Tote Bags we used
One side of a cereal box (or card of similar thickness)
An old canvas bag
Acrylic paint, we used these pearlised acrylic paints from Baker Ross
Small white pom poms

To make the bunny stencil you can either draw your own rabbit design onto the cereal packet or search "rabbit template" on the Internet & just print off a template you like. Once we'd cut out our card bunnies we were ready for the paint!

We wanted to create a little nose on our bunny face stencil so we carefully folded the card in half & cut out a triangle in the centre for the paint to come through.

Before you start painting remember to slide a bag piece of card into the inside the tote bag to prevent any paint seeping through to the other side.

Then dab your chosen paint over & around your stencil. Younger children may need a hand to hold their template in place while they sponge their paint on. You could add one colour or a whole host of colours. What's great about these bags is that each one is unique!

 Once you're happy with the amount of paint you've added, carefully peel away your bunny template & then leave to dry.

To add to the cuteness of these bags we used a hot glue gun to attach a pompom tail to our bunnies. If you have better sewing skills then me then I guess you could sew on a tail instead, but the glue gun meant the tail was added super quick & our bags were ready to go!

The kids I made these bunny bags with absolutely loved them, & were so proud of their designs. As we used acrylic paints it means the designs are waterproof so they should withstand any April showers too!

I think these would make really neat Book Bags, Gym / PE Bags or just adorable shopping bags. They're certainly a smarter alternative to a plastic bag. Just keep an eye on them though, in case they hop-off to someone else's home when you're not looking. ♥