Remembrance Day Activity - Planting Poppies with Play Dough

Looking for Remembrance themed activities to share with children? This simple open-ended play activity is great for younger children to explore.

To help younger children understand the significance of the remembrance poppy & why we wear them we put together this very simple play setup.

We made a batch of our super quick & easy no-cook play dough which we coloured with green food colouring (you can find our recipe here), & alongside our play dough we added a few poppies we'd collected in a small basket.

We invited the children to 'plant' the poppies in their own green play dough field. They loved 'planting' them, & carefully pushed each poppy stalk into the dough so their flower stood tall. This turned out to be a neat activity for encouraging some fine motor skills, & hand-eye coordination too, as children used a neat pincer grip to insert their poppy stalks into the play dough.  Some children planted a few poppies, while others chose to plant all of them!

As the children planted the poppies we talked about how the poppies we wear for Remembrance Day remind of special people.

We also shared this activity with slightly older children, introducing poppies as wildflowers that grow even in rough places, & wild fields. We talked about how beautiful poppies were, & that the ones we were using helped us remember special people who helped our country. When our country was in trouble, those people helped bring peace. Years ago poppies grew up in a field where fighting had taken place, & to help us remember the people who died & all they did for us, we wear a poppy today.

For the next part of the activity, we planted real poppies outside. We invited each child to scatter a few poppy seeds around our wild outdoor space (where we knew the grass wouldn't be cut) & next year hopefully their poppies will grow up & they'll be reminded again of the significance of this beautiful wildflower. 

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