Salad Spinner Art - Star Christmas Cards

We're attempting to get organised this year before the Christmas rush so we've started making our Christmas cards. This year we're creating some gorgeous Christmas stars with a salad spinner! A perfect mess free activity for all ages to enjoy.

To make our Salad Spinner Star Cards we used:
A basic salad spinner (we picked one up in a charity shop)
Brightly coloured ready mixed paint
Eco-friendly glitter
Coloured A4 cardstock
A large Star shaped Cookie cutter
Sticky tack
Scissors, pen & a glue stick

To create the stars we used a large cookie cutter as a template on yellow card & cut them out. Alternatively you could add a sheet of card to the salad spinner & cut out the stars after painting, but we enjoyed seeing the immediate effect of the spun paint on the stars.

To secure the stars to the base of the salad spinner we added a small blob of sticky tack to the back of the shape & stuck it to the centre of the spinner. We decorated one star at a time but if you're using smaller cut out shapes you could add more.

Now the fun begins! Add a few drops of your chosen paint to the centre of the star. Less is definitely more with this craft! You only need a few drops.

Once you've added your colours, place the lid securely on the salad spinner & spin the lid as fast as you can. This is always a wonderful moment as the kids anticipate just what will happen to the paint inside the spinner. If you're brave enough you can carefully lift the lid as it slowly stops spinning so the kids can see the colours spinning around on the star.

My kiddo couldn't wait to open up the salad spinner lid to reveal the freshly painted pattern beneath, her face was a picture as she discovered each new, unique design.

To add some sparkle to our Christmas stars we sprinkled a little eco-friendly glitter over the wet paint & then left them to dry. We loved the gorgeous patterns of the spun paint & how the colours blended together.

While our stars were drying we made some basic Christmas tree cards by folding a sheet of green A4 card in half & cutting out triangular shapes.

Then once our stars were dry, we glued them to the top of our Christmas trees & our cards were ready.

I think they look so colourful & will really stand out amongst all the other Christmas cards.

Along with our Christmas Tree cards we also made some simple black folded cards which really made the vibrant colours of the stars stand out.

These were so simple & quick to create, perfect for busy households this Christmas!

We're joining in with the Kid-Made Christmas Card Series which is sharing some great Christmas card ideas every day this month, go check them out here.