Pumpkin Notebooks - perfect for inspiring Pumpkin Poems or even Fairy Tales!

Inspire some creative writing with these mini Pumpkin Notebooks. They're big enough to write in but small enough to sit in a child's hand, so even reluctant writers won't feel too overwhelmed by the size of the pages. Perfect for Autumn stories, poems or as a notebook for Forest School. 

Taking inspiration from the pumpkins in our garden we used one of these notebooks as a writing prompt for a pumpkin poem.

After studying & feeling the textures of our homegrown treasures Minnie began to write her poem filling each page with just one descriptive word.
Soon she'd filled her notebook with this short pumpkin poem:


She loved writing her poem outdoors surrounded by all the beautiful colours of Autumn & was eager to use another book to compose a story. 

These notebooks are simple for kids to make, although younger ones might need an adult to help with the stapler. To make them you'll need:

 Orange card/paper cut to A5 size,
white paper cut to A5,
black pen & a stapler.

To make our pumpkin book cover we folded our A5 square of orange card in half & drew a rough outline of half a pumpkin on one side. This gave us a symmetrical shape which was easy to cut out. 

To add the pages we folded the white paper in half & slipped the sheets into the orange cover so the folded edges of the paper are against the edge of the cover. We then drew around the half pumpkin shape onto the white paper & cut along the outline. 

To make our pumpkin pages fit neatly into the book cover we cut a further 5cm around the outline of the pages before stapling them to the cover. To complete our pumpkins we used a black pen to add a little detail to the cover, & then our notebooks were ready to go! 

These are just the right size to slip into a coat pocket for an Autumn adventure! Why not use them to record some nature finds around your garden, draw your own Pumpkin story, or write your own fairy tale inspired by an autumnal woodland walk. 

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