Pom Pom Spring Easter Bunnies

These cute pom pom bunnies have been popping up all over our home, ready for Spring. Such a simple craft for kids to create, these bunnies make the sweetest mini pets to share with friends. Here's how we made them.

To make our fluffy Bunnies we used pom pom makers (available online) which come in a range of sizes. We used the large & medium Pom Pom Makers for our bunnies which were an ideal size for small hands to manipulate. Alternatively, you could use the more traditional method of making pom poms with two cardboard circles.

If you're unsure how to use the pom pom makers, take a look at this video from Blitsy Crafts, which has a helpful step-by-step guide. We found the more wool we added, the better the pom pom shape.

These pompom makers are ideal for children to use independently, & I've found that with a large group of children, they're easier to use than the traditional cardboard method. We used a soft white yarn to make our Pom Pom Bunnies, but of course, your bunnies could be any colour or even a mixture of colours. 

To make our bunny ears, we cut a pipe cleaner in half & then moulded each section into a long ear shape securing the ends together. For the feet, we used white felt & a small circle of pink felt for the nose. 

To attach our bunny features to the pom pom, we used a hot glue gun, making sure we pushed the pipe cleaner ears as close to the centre of the pom pom as possible. We then added 2 googly eyes & a small pom pom tail to complete our Bunnies. (Obviously, the glue gun was used under close adult supervision.) 

Make sure you keep an eye on these bunnies, once you've made one, more tend to pop up very quickly! 

To keep our Spring bunnies safe, we added them to a basket, which quickly became their 'home' & straw was added to keep them warm. Each was given a name & soon they were having their own adventures around the house & garden. 

These super soft bunnies would be a sweet surprise to discover on Easter Day, or a fun little gift to share with friends. They're perfect for inspiring some imaginative & creative play, & the process of making them encourages some fine motor skills.

Whether your Pom Pom Easter Bunnies stay with you or they hop off to someone else's home, I hope they bring as much joy, fun & wonder as our little bunny pets have to our pad. 
Hoppy Easter!