Family Art Project - Making a God's Eye

Looking for a collaborative art project to share with all your family? How about weaving a colourful God's Eye together for your home.

The neat thing about this project is that you only need 2 different items (sticks & yarn) & the activity can be completed over different days if you are tight on time. I love the idea of creating one of these as a family, each adult & child adding their own chosen thread to the design & weaving their individual yarn alongside everyone elses. 

To make our God's Eye we used 2 sticks (twigs or lolly sticks would make a great alternative) & placed them in a cross shape. We took a length of yarn & wound it diagonally across both sticks (approx 12 times) in the middle of the cross to secure the sticks together. 

Once you feel the sticks are firmly in place you can start to weave the 'eye' by winding the yarn under & over each of the 4 sticks. When you're happy with the size of the 'eye' in the centre of the sticks attach the next colour by simply tying the new yarn to the existing one, & then continue to weave under & over the sticks as before.

You could invite different family members to weave different colours into your design, perhaps inviting grandparents or other relatives to join in too. To add each new colour just tie the different yarns together as before.

Once you have completed your God's Eye, simply tie the loose thread around the nearest stick & tuck in any loose ends. If you wish you could add yarn tassels or bead decorations to each of the 4 corners of your cross, or make a simple hanging loop by threading a small section of yarn through the top of your design.

Why not hang your God's Eye up in your home as a reminder that each family is woven together in love, with each member offering their own unique qualities & colour. Together you are a beautiful work of art! May it be a reminder too that your beautiful family are watched over by a loving God.