Christmas Cookie Gift Jar - Making Magical Family Memories

I love a Christmas gift that keeps on giving! These homemade Christmas Cookie Jars do just that, creating magical moments to share with special people. 

We've made one of these jars for Grandma every Christmas, & her reaction is always priceless! During the holidays she & Minnie are both in the kitchen, apron-clad, & elbow deep in flour! Much giggling & squeals of excitement erupt from Minnie as she spends this quality time with one of her favourite people. The yummy cookies are shared with the rest of the family, so the gift spreads the love even further & magical memories are made.

To make the Christmas Gift Jar you'll need:

1 Kilner jar or a large recycled Jam Jar

2 cups of plain flour

½ tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp of cinnamon

¾ cup brown sugar

¼ cup sugar

1 bag of M&M’s

1. Weigh out the flour & bicarb of soda & add them to the jar. It may look like the flour fills the jar, but by pressing the mixture down with your knuckles it will soon compact & fill just half the jar.

2. To create the next layer add the brown sugar & cinnamon, again pressing it firmly down. Then add the white sugar for the next layer.

3. Finally to complete the contents of the Gift jar sprinkle over the M&Ms. At this point we always like to sample a couple of the sweets just to check their suitable for the cookies. Quality control is always important! 

As these Christmas Cookie Jars are sent with lots of love, we like to decorate them with patterned ribbon & a small heart shape cookie cutter.

 To complete the gift jar we added a label with the instructions for how to make the cookies. 

Christmas truly is a time for sharing, & how special to give a gift that creates fun family memories, along with a few delicious treats too!