DIY Santa Night Light

Turn a plain Ikea battery light into a cute Santa Night Light! 

These Santa lights are super simple to make, all you need are a pack of Solvinden lights from Ikea, marker pens, double sided tape / glue gun, & a couple of small pompoms. 

To add the details to our Santa we used oil-based Sharpie markers. These are great pens to use on almost any surface & gave our Christmas lights a neat glossy finish. 

Children can have fun designing their own Santa & adding as much detail as they wish. We went for quite a minimal design leaving a rather blank space in the centre for Santa's face. Once the lamp is lit your design really glows & the plain section adds a nice contrast. We found the ink dries relatively quickly on the plastic which was handy as eager little hands wanted to play with the light as soon as possible!

To finish our Santa we attached a couple of small pompoms, one for the nose & one for his hat. We used a glue gun for this as we wanted it to be secure, but double-sided tape would hold pretty well if you're looking for an alternative.

The other fun thing about these Santa night lights is that they 'dance' as well. They have a curved base so if you gently tilt them to one side they'll sway & rock backwards & forwards. 

Minnie loved her new light but was a little worried that her Santa would get cold so she made a red felt cloak to wrap around him. I love how simple activities like this can spark so much imagination in a child. She's since made a chair for him to sit in & a sleigh! ♥ 

These make great little Christmas gifts for kids to make, or bedside night lights to use alongside favourite bedtime Christmas stories.