Leaf Reindeer Cards - Inspired by Nature

Over the last few days we've been busy making our Christmas cards & I just had to share these with you. They are so simple to create & I think they're rather cute too.

Last week we pressed some gorgeous autumn leaves that we collected on a walk around our neighbourhood. Before pressing them we made sure they were completely dry & then placed them in the middle of a stack of heavy books. After a couple of days our leaves were beautifully flat & ready to craft with.

To create the reindeer's head we drew around an Easter egg cookie cutter! We then chose a couple of leaves, which we thought looked like antlers, & stuck them onto our head shape using a glue stick. 

Minnie then filled in the shape using brown watercolour paints, added eyes, & a small red pompom for a nose. You could of course paint the nose or use red card, but Minnie was keen for Rudolf's nose to stand out!

Our Reindeer cards were then ready to share with friends.
I just love the addition of the seasonal leaves on the cards.
A great way to celebrate not only Christmas, but nature too.