Paperclip Birds

These simple puppets are a great way for children to explore, design & create their own birds. 

Since birdwatching the other week Minnie's interest in birds has continued. She's undertaken more observations, offered a variety of feed to the birds in our garden, & designed countless birds with our simple templates.

After making the nests for the bird puppets earlier this week she was wanted to give some of the birds legs so they could stand by themselves, so with a little experimenting we came up with these paper clip legs!

We unfolded 2 paperclips & then twisted them into the shapes below, securing the longer ends of the clips with tape.

When we were happy with the shape & had made sure the 'feet' were level, we attached the clips to the back of our bird templates using more tape.

And Minnie's beautiful bird templates were transformed & ready for a new adventure.

This was one of my favourite creations, I just love all those feathers! 

Perfect for encouraging observations & study of local birds, & a great way to explore creativity & imagination. These little birds make great story props, & are sure to spark lots of imaginative play.