5 Ways to Play with Sunflowers in the Autumn

Sunflowers are the perfect Summer flower with their bold sunlike blooms. They seem happy to grow anywhere, brighten any space, & insects love them too! But what do you do with them when the flowers die off?  It's tempting to cut them down & compost them once the flowers fade, but how about exploring them a little further & seeing what else they have to offer.

Here are 5 of our favourite activities that explore sunflowers once the blooms have disappeared. 

1) Turn your Sunflower stems into a Nature Drum Kit!

2) Create art with Sunflower Dye

3) Harvest sunflower seeds & collect free seeds ready to plant next year.

4) Use sunflower seeds from the dead flowers to make a homegrown Bird Feeder

5) Experiment with dried Sunflowers & Play Dough. Beautiful patterns & textures to explore.

Five fun, creative ways for children to explore life cycles, nature, & all these beautiful plants have to offer.