Homemade Soothing Lavender Spray - Ideal for Calming Stressed & Tired Kids

Do your kids ever get overtired or cranky? Or stressed & anxious about certain situations? This magical little spray may be just the thing to help restore calm! We've also discovered just how amazing it is at soothing overheated skin & sunburn!

The herbs in our garden have been beautiful this summer, with the lavender & rosemary flourishing throughout the year. Our lavender is now flowering again producing a gorgeous scent every item we brush past it, or grab handfuls of it in Minnie's case! She actually came up with this activity, although I'm not sure she was aware of just how useful this would be! 

She found an empty spritzer bottle that I'd bought for a holiday & filled it with water! This made a fantastic mini water pistol, & was so much fun to spray unsuspecting parents!! 

Then she wandered around the garden collecting herbs to add to the water to make a perfume! She added lavender flowers & a few lavender leaves before replacing the spray top. After a minute or so the scent of the lavender was coming through the spray.

We left it for an hour or so & the scent was much stronger, & after leaving it in the fridge overnight we had a refreshing, soothing spray the next morning.

Lavender has long been known for its calming & relaxing properties & added to this spray it makes for a magical 'chill out' tool. A few squirts of this spray produces a gentle relaxing scent which can be sprayed into the air around children, on clothing/bed linen, or onto the skin.

Another element this spray offers is the shock factor... well a gentle kind of shock factor really! When children get overtired or anxious sometimes an unexpected surprise can be enough to briefly distract them. If this spray is kept in the fridge then a cool spritz of this could be enough to help break a tense situation, especially if you can turn it into a game & spray it at each other adding some giggles to help calm the situation. Of course the scent of the lavender should help relieve some tension too!

We've kept our spray in the fridge for the last 2 weeks, but it now needs refreshing, so we've emptied the bottle (I used a pipecleaner to remove the lavender from the bottle) & refilled with fresh lavender & cooled boiled water. When our fresh lavender has finished flowering we'll be adding a few drops of natural lavender oil & mixing with distilled witch hazel to keep the spray for a little longer.

I've recently read that lavender can also help relieve sinus congestion, so this little spray will be perfect to have at hand for the next few months when those cold germs start to appear! Lavender is also a great bug & mosquito deterrent so come the Summer we'll be using this spray again!

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This natural spray is suitable to use on the skin (lavender has long been used as an anti-inflammatory skin treatment & also as a natural antiseptic) but if you have any concerns about your child's skin then please check before using this spray.