Play Dough Owls

Create your own parliament of owls with just a little homemade play dough & a few recycled buttons. 
We have a growing collection of odd buttons in our house & I just can't bring myself to throw them away... one day they might just come in handy! Well, before I make use of them with needle & thread, I thought I'd use them for some play dough fun. 

To make the owl eyes I stuck on googly eyes to pairs of matching buttons. I then added a selection of plain buttons which could be used to create other owl features. This was my plan, but as usual, my creative little owl took the activity in a different direction. :-)

To make the play dough we used our super simple no-cook play dough recipe which you can find here.

Minnie has been collecting many nature finds on her travels & we have a small nature table in the corner of the kitchen which displays her ever-growing collection. It didn't take long before the seeds, leaves, acorns & conkers were being added to her play dough creations. Soon she was using them for wings, ears, beaks & eyes, carefully selecting the sizes & shapes she needed for each. 

After another hunt around the kitchen she collected some dried flowers to create more wings!

All the items produced great shapes & patterns to explore in the dough, especially the different buttons.

My favourite owl from Minnie's selection was this little fellow created from her autumnal finds. I love his acorn beak! 

Following her interest with the natural objects & the play dough I set up this play space for her today... I wonder what she'll be discovering & creating next?

Isn't Autumn a wonderful season to play with!