Make your own Pebble Pets - nature craft

After looking through her ever growing collection of pebbles Minnie decided to give some of them a little personality. She grabbed the googly eyes we'd been using for another craft, some art pens for ceramics, & set to work creating her pebble pets!

She decided her creations needed a home, so gathered together these sections of wood for the pebble pets, who were soon developing names & characteristics!

She added a few leaves & autumn nature finds from a recent woodland walk, & the pebble pets' home was complete. This play set up has been played with frequently, & the pebble pets have been taken on numerous adventures around the house & garden.

Individually they're also a perfect size to pop into a pocket, & one of the pebbles has been taken to school in the bottom of her school bag every day this week. (Great for providing a little reassurance & a link between home & school.)

Love this simple nature based activity which encourages creativity, imagination, storytelling & more.