DIY Bug Spotter Sticks - Perfect for Tracking Garden Bugs

These bug spotter sticks have proved to be a big hit! We made a set last year & we've used them to identify bugs, to track their movements & to count the variety of bugs in different areas of the garden. If you fancy making your own, I've created a FREE printable featuring 12 different minibeasts.

Before we decided which bugs to add to our sticks, we took a trip around our garden to make a list of all the bugs we could find. We made a list of the most common bugs in our backyard & then headed off to the computer to collect free images of them. My kiddo did a great job of recognising the insects & soon we had a collection of 12 different minibeasts.

We printed off on sheets of card & cut them up. You can get your free printable here.

To prevent the images from ripping we laminated them (6 to a laminating pouch) & then cut out.

We used a selection of sticks & attached to the back of the images using sticky tape.

Our Bug Spotter Sticks were now ready for a bug hunt!

It's been great to see these suddenly appearing around the garden, & watching the kid's interest in minibeasts. It's also been useful to observe which areas of the garden & which plants the insects prefer.

These Bug Spotter Sticks are ideal for encouraging observation & recall skills, an interest in nature, insects & habitats, & for inspiring a greater interest & care in your outdoor area.