Marble Painting without Recycled Beads

Here's a neat alternative to marble painting & one which produces great results.

Minnie was keen to paint with marbles, but we were unsure where our collection was. After much searching & no marbles found, we opted to paint with these instead.

We used
A selection of beads (various sizes)
An old muffin tray
Selection of paint
Old biscuit tin (any tin or shoe box works well)
Paper (cut to same size as base of tin/box)

I added a square of paper to line the bottom of the tin & Minnie added her chosen paint to the muffin tin.

She dropped several beads into the paint & rolled them around with the help of a teaspoon (& fingers), before dropping them into the biscuit tin.

She experimented by dropping the beads from different heights, & gently tipping the tin from side to side to encourage the beads to roll around the paper.

Then the movement of the tin became a little more vigorous & more beads were added. The tin was shaken from side to side & bounced up and down (with a couple of beads flying out at this point).

Not only was this offering an alternative painting experience, & a chance to explore the patterns different movements made, but also a sensory & tactile experience as beads were rolled around in the paint with fingers & hands.

The results were pretty good considering we used such a varied selection of beads.

I'm kinda glad we lost our marbles! Can't wait to see what Minnie wants to experiment with next.