DIY Napkins for the Christmas Table

Do you fancy designer napkins adorning your Christmas table this year?  How about your own little designer creating a unique work of art on a napkin like this?


All you need are brushes & paint (preferably fabric paint), potatoes, cookie cutters, & napkins. We found our napkins in a Charity Shop, just perfect for this activity.

We sliced our potatoes in half & pushed in our cookie cutters.

Using a sharp knife I cut around the cookie cutter (while it was still in the potato) to create the raised shape we would use for printing.

We spread the napkin out (with a plastic bag underneath to prevent the paint from seeping through & damaging any surfaces) & Minnie got printing with our homemade stampers. We found that pressing our potato shape onto a tea towel first absorbed some of the moisture before we applied the paint.

Green fingerprints finished off the design & we left the napkins to dry.

It's lovely to think these will be discovered by our guests at the dining table on Christmas Day!

Designer napkins created by a 3yr old! Instead of using potato prints, how about getting creative with paintbrushes, sponge shapes or handprints. So many opportunities to explore creativity, design, pattern & colour while creating a unique eco-friendly napkin for your Christmas table.