DIY Christmas Coasters - perfect preschool craft

This is a really quick post, but I just wanted to share our upcycled Christmas coasters with you. So frugal & simple to make, & neat way to explore design with preschoolers.

To create them Minnie used an old bathroom tile (bought cheaply from a hardware store) & a selection of Christmas stickers.

It was great to watch & listen to Minnie's creativity & imagination as she added the stickers to the tile & she clearly enjoyed making it. She chose which stickers to use & where they would go, & it was a neat way to observe her hand-eye co-ordination & fine motor skills as she removed & positioned each sticker. 

When she had finished her design she painted over a layer of varnish. We used a waterproof, heat resistant varnish so mugs of hot chocolate (or a glass of mulled wine or two) could be placed on it without damaging the design.

I had thought we could give this to someone for Christmas, but Minnie has decided it's staying with her!