Window Decorations - Packing Peanut Snowflakes!

I had to share these snowflakes with you! Minnie came up with the idea of decorating our windows with them after playing with the biodegradable packing peanuts we used in our winter play area.

We simply used a wet cloth to moisten each packing peanut before sticking them to the window. (Minnie had earlier discovered how quickly they dissolve when immersed in a cup of water!! A great way to discover a new science concept!)

She enjoyed creating snowflakes, a snow snake (!) & lots of 'baby drops of snow' which she created by carefully cutting up the peanuts!

Here's how our window looked 

And just in case you're wondering about the mess element, the peanuts washed off the window easily with hot soapy water, which was another fun activity! 

 So much frugal fun, discovery, & creativity from a few recycled packing peanuts! Brilliant!