Follow the Star - Interactive Advent Countdown for Young Kids - includes 25 Free Printable Activities

Looking for a fun interactive Advent Calendar for young children? This simple Follow the Star Advent Countdown takes children on a daily treasure hunt where they'll discover not only a star, but also a simple activity to explore every day in December. 

This is a really quick & easy Advent activity to put together, all you need are the Wise Men from a Nativity set, a star & our Free Printable activity ideas. Some activities link directly to the Christmas Story, whilst others explore themes of generosity & kindness. Just print off the list of activities & cut off the one you need each day, or if you wish, you could create your own.

 If you don't have a star, or Nativity figures don't worry, you can make a paper version with our free printable here: Make your own Wise Men & Star

How the Advent Countdown works

:: When the kids have gone to bed on 30th November place the star somewhere in your house for them to find the next morning. Beside the star add one of the Advent activities for them to discover.
:: Leave the 3 Wise Men by their bedroom door, or somewhere they'll see them first thing in the morning. Explain that the Wise Men are looking for a Star that's hidden somewhere in your house.
:: Go on a hunt for the star, taking the 3 Wise Men with you. 
:: When you find the star leave the Wise Men alongside it.
:: Explore the fun activity together sometime during the day.

Each evening, move the star & leave another printed activity slip with it. BUT DON'T MOVE THE WISE MEN. They stay where the kids left them ready to be found the following day.
The Wise Men continue their journey every day around the house, following the star until 24th Dec.

If  you have a Nativity scene you could place the star above the stable on 24th Dec ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. 

Find our 25 Free Printable Advent Activities here

Have fun exploring the activities & discovering the Christmas Story together this Advent.