Laminated Leaves & Light

As autumn appears I love watching the colours of the leaves turn. Minnie has collected soooo many leaves these last few days & is keen to keep them all! So with the help of our trusty laminator we had a go at preserving some of these colourful autumn treasures.

Minnie arranged the leaves between a laminating sheet (with a little guidance at the beginning) & when she had finished setting them out she gently posted the sheet through the laminator.

They came out amazingly well, & the laminator survived without a scratch too! Phew! ;-)

 It’s great to see her becoming so independent & confident with items like this.

To take a closer look at the leaves we stuck them to a window. As the sun shone, the colours & details of each leaf became more prominent, & with the addition of a magnifying glass Minnie was able to study the structure of the leaves & the patterns created on some by insects.

I think the sheets look pretty neat as window decorations too!

Laminating the leaves is a great way to preserve them & they will last for months providing they are airtight. We laminated some last year & they are still in perfect condition! Ideal for discovering colours, patterns, seasons, lifecycles, food, insects, light & so much more.

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