5 Picture Books about Camping

We're looking forward to another camping holiday this summer, & thought these books would get us ready for our forthcoming adventures. (Although I hope our holiday isn't quite as eventful as some of these tales!)

Spot's Camping Trip

Minnie has been a fan of Spot since she was a baby. The bold bright illustrations & simple short stories are perfect for all ages to follow. She can now read books such as 'Where's Spot?' by herself. 'Spot's Camping Trip' shares Spot's adventures as he gets ready to camp out in his back garden with friends. There's lots to pack for the camping trip, something my daughter will relate to!;-)

Peppa Pig is another of our favourite story characters! 'Peppa Goes Camping' tells the story of Peppa's family as they set out in their camper van for their holiday in the countryside. The only problem is that 'Mrs Campervan' (the Satnav) keeps breaking down, & soon Daddy Pig is lost! Full of amusement for children & adults, especially when Daddy Pig discovers that Volkswagen engines are in the boot! A short, fun story to share with all the family.

Maisy is another favourite in our house. 'Maisy Goes Camping' is again perfect for all ages, with a simple story & colourful illustrations. It tells the tale of Maisy's camping trip with her friends, & the fun they have setting up their tent. All is well until they all try to fit in the tent. Great for simple counting (1-5) & offers simple repetition in the text.

'Boris Goes Camping' is the story of a school camping adventure. There are a few mishaps on the way, but Boris is always there to lend a hand & help his friends when in trouble. When two mischievous young wolf cubs cause havoc in the tepee Boris is the one who saves the day. Beautiful illustrations & a touching storyline. A perfect camping adventure story.

Curious George Goes Camping [With CD] (Curious George - Level 1)

I loved Curious George as a child & couldn't resist sharing 'Curious George Goes Camping' with Minnie. When Curious George sets off to discover the new campsite he finds himself in a little trouble, so decides to hide away in a tree. Soon he notices smoke coming from the site, raises the alarm & saves the day. A simple, fun adventure & a classic book.