Spring Easter Chick made from recycled paper

This chirpy little chick was made from almost all recycled materials, & was so quick to make.

To make our chick we used:
Masking tape
Yellow tissue paper
Sticky tape
2 circles of white paper (for eyes)
Orange card for beak & feet
Feathers, stickers, or any embellishments to decorate the chick

1) Scrunch sheets of newspaper into a rough egg shape. Wrap another sheet of newspaper around it (as if wrapping a present) & repeat with another sheet. Secure any edges with sticky tape.

2) Cover with a sheet of yellow tissue paper.

3) To make the eyes, attach 2 white circles of paper with glue & add detail with a pen.

4) Fold the orange card in half & cut out a triangle shape to make the beak. Glue onto the chick. Using the same card cut out the feet & attach to the base of the chick.

5) Decorate your chick with feathers, stickers, or any other embellishments. 

This little chick is a perfect decoration for your Easter dinner table, or a great companion to take on an Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter!