Upcycled Valentine Cards with Magazines

Thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day we thought we’d have fun with some heart shapes & do some recycling along the way.

I found some white card & cut out a selection of heart shapes, & then cut another smaller one from the centre to create a heart frame.

Minnie loves flicking through old magazines, catalogues, brochures & cutting out the things that catch her eye. She often makes collages with these cutouts, but for this activity we used them for something new.

Minnie started by flicking through a Boden catalogue & cut out the patterns she liked. We glued the white heart frames over her chosen pattern & then carefully trimmed away the excess paper to create a beautiful patterned heart.

We made several of these (as you can see!) & then set to work adding them to cards ready for Valentine’s Day!

Now all we have to do is to decide who to send them too! ♥