Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Number Bunting

We're enjoying exploring numbers in our house at the moment & counting anything & everything!! So to add to Minnie's fun I made her some Number Bunting.

To make the number bunting, I used pastel coloured card cut into triangles (flags), then added 2 holes at the top of each one with a hole punch. Using a marker pen I add numbers 1-10, then laminated each flag (I placed 2 flags on each laminating pouch) & cut around the shape. To finish (Minnie helped me with this part) we threaded ribbon through the flags to make the bunting, & on each flag I added small white disks of card to represent the number shown.

If I could sew these might have looked a little different! :)

Minnie loves to count along the flags & often refers to the number bunting when playing with something else. And another bonus... they brighten the room rather nicely too!
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