6 Ways for Families to Celebrate Palm Sunday at Home

Palm Sunday this year is obviously going to be a little different. As a family we normally celebrate at our Church with a big procession & the giving of palm crosses, but this Sunday we find ourselves in a different situation. Although we're unable to physically gather with our Church family we can still celebrate Palm Sunday in our homes, & join together with others doing the same across the world.  So here are 6 simple ideas for you & your family to explore together this Palm Sunday.

On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey surrounded by crowds of excited people eager to catch a glimpse of their promised King. 

Why not read Matthew 21:1-11 together, or watch this from Saddleback Kids & then choose one or more of the following activities to explore together.

:: Decorate your door for Palm Sunday

Decorate your front door with leaves & branches. We may not be able to process with palms this year, but we can decorate our doors as a sign of welcome, reminding us of the crowds welcoming Jesus as he entered Jerusalem, & as a sign that we welcome Jesus into our lives today.

:: The Outdoor Challenge

The crowds cut branches from nearby trees to cover the ground & to wave as Jesus rode through the streets of Jerusalem. Imagine Jesus was passing by your house, how would you welcome him? Challenge everyone to run outside & gather something from the garden that they could wave as a welcome. It could be a branch, some leaves, a stick, or a flower.

Imagine the noise & joy as Jesus passed through the crowd. As you wave your 'branches' see who can shout 'Hosanna' the loudest. 

:: Make a Prayer Tree for Your Home

Collect a branch whilst on a walk & turn into a Prayer Tree. Pop into a container & add some stones to secure it. Cut out a few leaf shapes from paper to write/draw prayers on, & add a hole with a hole punch to thread onto the branches. Continue to add prayers as you journey through Holy Week.

:: Palm Leaf Prayers

Colour in your own Palm Leaf Prayers.  You could cut them out & stick them to your door, or use them as a prayer prompt throughout the week. Free Printable available here.

:: Grow a Cress Cross in Holy Week

Use a cross-shaped cookie cutter (or make a cross template from card) & place on some wet kitchen paper. Sprinkle over some cress seeds & watch how the seeds transform over the next few days. By Easter Day you should have a green Cress Cross, & a reminder of the new life that Jesus brings. 

:: The Hossana Rap

This fun Hosanna Rap is great for all ages to share with simple actions to accompany each line. The leader starts the rap with everyone joining in with the bold text. Free Printable available here

Jesus is hereJump up & down on the spot
Hear us cheer - Squat down low then jump up high with your hands in the air
When He's near - Give yourself a hug 
We have no fear - Wave one hand over the other in front of you. 
When you get to the Hosanna chorus - choose your best dance moves! You could floss, jump or dab!

However you & your family celebrate Palm Sunday, we'll be celebrating alongside you as we start our Holy Week journey together.