Nativity Advent Countdown with 24 'Fill in the Blank' Cards - Free Printable

Looking for an Advent Countdown for children that explores the Nativity Story? This fun Advent Countdown does just that, revealing a part of the Christmas Story each day in the run-up to Christmas. 

Made up of 24 printable cards, the child-friendly text has one word each day with letters missing for children to fill in. The 'fill in the blank' words are simple, & I've added a few letters to the slightly longer words to give a little hint as to what they may be. 

Each card explores key parts of the Christmas Story; from the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary, to the arrival of the 3 Wise Men at the stable. It's a great way to explore key words from the Nativity as well as encouraging a little literacy & spelling. Completing each card will not only help children to sequence the events of the Nativity, but also encourage a sense of accomplishment as they fill in the letters & complete the missing word each day.

You can find all 24 Nativity Advent Countdown Cards in our Free Printable here. You could add the cards to a reusable Advent Calendar for children to discover during December, or simply share them together at a mealtime each day.

At the end of December, you'll have 24 mini Nativity Story Cards that can be used to retell the story encouraging children to recall the characters & all the events. There's also a card to colour in on our printable too for you to use either during Advent or on Christmas Day.

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