Walking Through The Jungle

Today Minnie has been playing with the long grass from our Bear Hunt & turned it into a jungle! We had to move the grass from the doorway, as you can imagine it was a wee bit impractical, so the grass/jungle leaves now hang between two chairs.

Lions, elephants, giraffes, snakes & monkeys have been dancing in & out of the tropical forest, with Minnie producing the appropriate sound effects & animal movements.

We had lots of giggles together playing 'Guess Who.' One of us hid behind the grass/leaves with the animals & made an animal noise, whilst the other had to guess which animal was making the noise, & if they were right the animal would escape from the jungle & tickle them! (This would make a great 'peek-a-boo' game for babies too.)

We finished today's tropical adventure with a perfect story; 'Walking Through the Jungle' by Julie Lacome. As I read the story Minnie repeated each line after me, & joined in with the animal noises. It was then bath time, where there were more lion roars, elephant splashes, & ssssnake sssslithers, before my sleepy lion headed off to bed!

I wonder what she'll dream of tonight...