12 Indoor & Outdoor Activities Exploring Winter

Whether you're thinking ahead to Christmas, or you're exploring a Winter/Arctic theme, here are 12 playful & creative ways to explore the winter season & the cold weather it can bring.

Stay warm & build your own snow cave indoors with this Winter Play Area

Create & make with snow & ice in a Snow Kitchen

Explore the seasonal changes Winter brings with these Felt Hand Trees - Exploring the Seasons

Create frozen works of art & explore a little science with these Ice Decorations

Upcycle & design your own Snowflakes

Make a Winter themed Discovery Bottle

Snuggle in the warm & share 20 Winter themed picture books.

Explore patterns & more with Squirty Paint in the Snow

Decorate an indoor space with simple Cupcake Case Snowflakes 

Make your own 'snow' with clean soapy mud

Have fun!

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