Creative Prayer Stations for All Ages - Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

 As people around the world mourn the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we reflect & give thanks for her life & service with these six Creative Prayer Stations designed for all ages.

Each of these prayer stations explore different aspects of the Queen's life alongside a creative invitation to pause, reflect & pray. The activities are designed for all generations to explore together, & are quick & easy for you to set up. Simply print off the Prayer Stations, which you can download here, & add the corresponding items beside each printed sheet. The Prayer Stations can be used in any order, & you can choose whether to use them all or just a few.

For the Prayer Stations you will need the following items:

1. Service 

Tealights, a candle stand or tray of sand. If you have a tray large enough, you might like to display the candles in the shape of a crown. If you're using this Prayer Station in a school, LED tealights work well.

2. Family

Strips of white cardstock to make simple bookmarks (with holes punched through prior to the activity) scissors & a basket of thin colourful ribbons.

3. Leader

Post-it-notes/blank postcards/square sections of paper. Either place written prayers on a world map, pin on a display board, or hang them on a Prayer Tree if you have one.

4. Promise

Print off & cut out the Rainbow Colouring Cards (available to download here) & add a selection of coloured pencil crayons.

5. New Life:

A basket containing either conkers, acorns, seeds or bulbs.

6. Peace

A large bowl of water. 

These Prayer Stations can either be set up & left in your church for people to discover throughout the week, or used as prayers in a church service, or during intergenerational worship. They could also be used in a school assembly, or left in a school hall for the school community & parents to explore.

A friendly reminder, please do not remove or alter any text or images on these Prayer Stations, many thanks.