Paper Shamrock Spinners for St Patrick's Day

These Shamrock Spinners are perfect to make for St Patrick's Day. Made from just 3 strips of paper & a straw they're a fun & simple craft for all ages.

These are so much fun to play & are so quick & easy to make. All you need are 3 strips of A4 paper (cut widthways), a paper straw, & a glue stick.

To make the leaves for the shamrock fold the strips of paper in half. Then take one & join the outer sides together by folding them over at the top towards each other. (We found it easier to add a blob of glue to one side before we folded them together.) You should end up with a heart shape (shamrock leaf) then simply repeat the process with the other strips of paper so you end up with 3 green leaves.

Before joining the leaves together you need to prep your paper straw by flattening one end (about 4cm along) & then bending it at a right angle. Glue the folded section of the straw to the side of one leaf, & then glue on the other 2 leaves.

To make your Shamrock spin, simply roll the straw between your hands or fingers & then let it go. These are great for exploring outdoors as they spin even longer when they catch the wind. We had oodles of fun with ours & were amazed just how far they travelled. 

You could set up targets on the floor where you think your shamrock will land, or estimate how far it will travel indoors & outside. However you use them, I hope you have lots of fun & have a great St Patrick's Day.