Pipe Cleaner Reindeer Ornament for Kids to Make

We're making some new decorations for our tree this year & I just had to share this cute little reindeer with you. Made from just one pipe cleaner she's super simple for kids to create & looks beautiful on our Christmas tree. Here's how we made her.

We put our Christmas tree up this weekend & after rummaging through our box of decorations we discovered some of our favourite homemade ornaments from previous years. I love finding all these handmade treasures which carry so many memories with them, especially all the creations from the preschool years. Every year we try & make a new decoration to add to the collection, & this pretty Reindeer was one of this year's additions. 

To make our Reindeer Ornament we used:
1 pipe cleaner, 2 black wooden beads & 1 red, a small length of ribbon & length of string

We started by folding the pipe cleaner in half & then threading on the beads, making sure the red bead was in the middle for our reindeer's nose, & the black beads were either side for the eyes. 

To create the deer's head we twisted the two lengths together making sure we had plenty of pipe cleaner left at the top to create the antlers. To make these we simply folded the pipe cleaner wires in a concertina style.

We added a length of string so we could hang he up, but felt she needed a little festive styling so added a Christmas bow made from a scrap of ribbon we had in our craft box, then she was ready to hang on the tree alongside all our other special ornaments! These would look pretty with some ribbon on a gift too. So simple to make, & something to treasure for years to come.