40 Creative Activities to Share with Kids this Lent

Looking for simple & engaging activities to explore with children during Lent, then take a look at our new FREE eBook.

A few years ago I created a Lent Activity Book which many families enjoyed, so I thought it was time I created a new version, fresh for 2019! It's packed with a variety of activities to share with children of all ages. Inside you'll find 40 simple activities, but don’t panic, you don't have to do all 40! This little book is designed so you can dip into it week by week, enabling you to choose which activities are most appropriate for your family, & your time. 

Some of the activities are suited to older children, while the majority are suitable for all ages. Some activities need no prep & take 5 minutes, while others you may want to spend more time with, it’s really up to you. If you choose one or two activities each week then that would be amazing, if you choose more, then you are super committed & I am in awe of you! Alongside each activity, you’ll find mini tick boxes where you can mark off the ones you’d like to share together.

So what are you waiting for?
Why not dive into a creative Lent with your family.
Download your free copy of our book here.
Creative Activities for Families this Lent

However you spend the next 40 days, I hope you & your family enjoy journeying together.