Disco Pumpkin - Fun Craft for Toddlers

It's that time of year where pumpkins are everywhere! If your kids are keen to decorate a pumpkin but too young to carve one, or you don't fancy the mess that comes with painting one, then this is a perfect pumpkin craft for you. It's a great activity for encouraging fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination, & the finished product makes a great illuminated decoration that's bright & colourful.

This activity is so simple to set up, & all ages can join in. I don't know about you but I always find that any activity that involves stickers or sticky tape always seems to be popular with toddlers & preschoolers, & this activity gives them the freedom to create independently with tape, as well as practising some simple scissor skills.

To create our Disco Pumpkin we used:
Small Pumpkins from a local Grocers
Holographic tape
A set of coloured battery lights. We picked ours up from a store, but the ones below are similar

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We set up this activity at a local toddler group, with a selection of pumpkins & holographic tapes on a table.  The children chose their individual pumpkin & then wrapped their choice of tape around it. Different tapes were wrapped over & across each other to create unique designs & patterns, & the children loved the effect of the holographic tape which really made the pumpkins sparkle.

Once the children had finished decorating the pumpkins with the tape they were ready to add the 'disco' lights, & for this, we wrapped our string of lights around the pumpkins adding a little sellotape here & there to hold the lights in place. (Obviously, I wouldn't leave a Pumpkin with the battery lights within reach of toddlers if an adult wasn't present.)

They look so pretty & sparkly with the lights on during the day, but as the daylight fades they transform into a 'disco pumpkin' creating amazing colourful patterns and shadows as the holographic tape reflects the colourful lights. Add some music & you can create your own pumpkin party! 

This would make a great craft for any Light Party or a neat family activity for the half-term holidays.

Such a simple & fun activity, & one where nothing is wasted. Once you've finished with the decoration you can unwrap the tape & eat the pumpkin, how about turning it into your own Disco Pumpkin Soup!