40 Creative Lent Activities for Children & Families

Lent is almost here, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) is next week! Rather than giving something up this year for Lent, we're looking forward to exploring these simple creative activities together.

For us as a family Lent gives us a great opportunity to pause, reflect & prepare ourselves for Easter. The 40 days of Lent are often be seen as a solitary experience & one which isn't always child-friendly, but we've discovered that exploring Lent as a family offers us something special that we can share together, where we grow in faith & learn from each other.

This year we're looking forward to diving into this creative e-book which is packed with a variety of simple activities that families can share together. There's something for everyone in here, some of the activities are suited to older children, while others are accessible to all ages, you choose which ones are most suitable for you & your family. Alongside each activity are mini boxes so you can mark which ones you'd like to explore together. 

Fancy joining us in getting creative this Lent? You can download your FREE ebook here.  
We've printed ours ready to pin up on the kitchen cupboard next week. 

If you're joining in we'd love to see which activities you've tried, just add your photos to our Facebook or instagram pages with the hashtag #FamilyLentActivity

We'll be sharing our Lent journey on instagram too, so make sure you pop by & see what we've been up too. Looking forward to getting creative this Lent & spending time together.