40 Activities for Families to Explore Together During Lent

Lent is almost here & for us as a family it offers us 40 days to pause, reflect & prepare ourselves for Easter. The journey through Lent is often seen as a solitary experience & one which isn't always child friendly, but we've discovered that exploring Lent as a family offers us something special that we can share together, where we learn from each other, & grow in faith discovering all that Lent has to offer us.

For Lent this year I've created a e-book for families offering a range of activities to explore together over the next 6 weeks of Lent. The idea is that can dip in & out of the book week by week & find activities that are appropriate for your family. Some of the activities are suited to older children, while others are accessible to all ages.

There are tick boxes alongside each activity so you can decide which ones you would like to explore together. If you choose one or two activities to explore each week then that would be amazing, if you choose more activities then you are super committed & I am in awe of you! ♥

You can download your FREE copy here.

Whichever activities you choose I hope you enjoy sharing the book, & exploring all that Lent has to offer you & your family.