Edible Nativity Scene

Share the Christmas story with the help of a few sweet treats. This Edible Nativity Scene is ideal to make with a group of children or individuals, & offers a great opportunity to discover & discuss the key characters from the story.

To make each Nativity Scene you'll need:
6 jelly babies (assorted colours)
3-5 mini white marshmallows
1 pink mini marshmallow
4 Small liquorice sweets or any small brown/chocolate sweet to make feet for the sheep
A handful of desiccated coconut (coloured with a few drops of yellow food colouring)
3 Rectangular shaped biscuits
Ball of yellow fondant icing or marzipan (approx the size of a mandarin orange)
A small ball of white fondant icing
4 pretzels
1 drinking straw

Start by separating the yellow icing/marzipan into sections for the various parts of the scene. You'll need to roll out 3 lengths the same size as the edge of your biscuits (for the stable), create 3 grape size sections (1 for the manger, 2 for the star) & roll out 3 pea-sized sections for the 3 wise men. All will become clear soon!

To create the basic triangular shape for the stable we took our 3 lengths of icing & used these to join the biscuits together. We found it easier to add the fondant to the edges of the base biscuit first, & then attach the sides. This can be a little tricky for some younger children as the sides need to be fairly level to hold the shape in place so an extra pair of hands may be helpful.

To make the manger we carefully snapped two pretzels in half & used the unbroken halves to push into a small section of the yellow icing. You may need extra pretzels for this as sometimes eager hands can break them into a more than 2 pieces.

Next we added the pink marshmallow to the manger & moulded the small section of white icing to create a blanket for our baby Jesus.

For our straw we sprinkled a handful of the coloured coconut over the base of the stable & around the blanket on the manger.

For our shepherd we used a jellybaby & a section of the broken pretzel to create his shepherd's crook. We used a little hot water to stick the crook to the shepherd! The mini marshmallows made perfect sheep, & to create their legs we added small sections of the liqurice sweets, using a little hot water to attach.

Our 3 wise men were again super simple to make with the 3 pea-sized balls of icing moulded into crown shapes & placed on top of 3 jellybabies.

To complete the Nativity scene we added 2 more jellybabies to the stable to represent Mary & Joseph.

If you wish to add a star shining above the stable, cut the drinking straw in half & stick it to the back of the stable with a little of the remaining icing. The rest of the icing can be moulded into a star shape & pushed onto the top of the straw. (This part of the activity worked really well with the older children but younger children found it rather fiddly.)

I made these last year with several groups of children ranging from 4 year olds to teenagers & it was great to see the various creations they made, each beautifully unique & individual. Not one scene was the same, some had more sheep, 1 had lots of shepherds & no sheep, & one had a large party of wisemen! They were each exploring the Nativity in their own way & following their interest in particular characters. 

To extend the activity further you could read parts of the Nativity Story as the children are making their scenes, or invite the children to tell you the key parts of the story as they make their creations. Or why not have Christmas carols playing in the background for the children to sing along to.

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