DIY FROZEN Glitter Bracelets - That Turn To Ice!

These sparkly Frozen bracelets are sure to be a hit with any FROZEN fan. In fact you can turn these bracelets to ice just like Elsa!

They make perfect little gifts for Christmas, & would be a pretty addition to any FROZEN outfit too.
If you fancy making one of these pretty bracelets you'll need:
4 foot of  9mm clear tubing
1 foot of 5mm clear tubing (available from hardware stores)
Masking tape
Selection of different glitter (we used blue, silver & iridescent)
Small beads (optional)

We started by taking the thicker tubing (9mm) that would become our bracelet & measured it around Minnie's wrist, making sure it would slide easily on & off her arm. We cut the tubing to size, & then cut a small length (10-15mm) of the thinner 5mm tubing to make a stopper. To help the stopper slide into our bracelet we made a small cut in one end to enable the sides to overlap each other.
Before filling the thicker tube we wrapped tape around one end to prevent the contents from spilling.

To give our FROZEN bracelets their icy glistening effect we used a selection of cool coloured glitters, including some very fine iridescent glitter. The mix of fine & normal glitter gave a great effect when the water was added.

To add some 'snow' to our bracelet we used tiny pearl beads. We discovered the more you add the slower the movement of the glitter in the water, so ended up with just 4 of these in each bracelet.

With a pinch or two of each glitter we started to fill the tube & when we were happy with the amount we added our beads.

Now for the tricky part! Hold your bracelet in the middle (as shown below) & remove the masking tape from the end.

Make sure you have the stopper (small section of thin tubing) to hand before you do the next step.

Carefully add a little cold water to the tube, leaving room for a small amount of air. Ideally this is easier to do using a small funnel, but as we didn't have one we filled our bracelet under a slow trickling tap. If you find you have too much water in the tube just carefully tip a little out.

Take the stopper & carefully push one end into the thick tubing. This is fiddly, but worth persevering with. The stopper has to be a tight fit in the tube to secure the bracelet.

Once the stopper is in, join the bracelet together by inserting the stopper into the other end of the tube & push the ends firmly together. If you're giving this bracelet to very young children you may want to seal the ends with hot glue or sticky tape.

Then your FROZEN bracelets are ready to wear, or share!

Minnie & I have made several of these for her friends for Christmas, & of course she has made a few for herself too.

Not only do these bracelets look beautiful, they're fascinating to explore near a light too. As the liquid inside the bracelet moves, the glitter creates beautiful swirling patterns which shimmer & sparkle as it reflects the light. And of course you can FREEZE these bracelets & create your own ice bracelet!

To make a FROZEN ice bracelet pop your bracelet into a freezer & leave for two hours. Of course if you have freezing temperatures where you live then you could hang these outdoors to freeze.

With the ice bracelet you can really see the frozen fractals all around the inside of the tube. What a neat Winter experiment! A great activity for exploring the effects of temperature & observing the melting process. Once the bracelets have melted they can of course be frozen again & the experiment repeated.

This was such a neat activity to explore hand-eye co-ordination, a little science, fine motor skills & more! And of course so much fun!

With the Christmas holidays starting I think we'll be making a few more of these over the next couple of weeks. All we need now is some snow!

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