Homemade Soap Mice - a Cute Alternative to Sugar Mice

Do you remember having sugar mice as a kid at Christmas? I remember these so clearly from my childhood, & while I can't recall ever eating them (I think I would've been bouncing of the walls if I had) I do remember the beautiful frosted colour & pretty shape of these little mice. I'm keen to keep these traditions going, but the thought of adding this sugar packed treat to my daughter's Christmas stocking ready for her to munch her way through first thing on Christmas morning fills me with dread! So after a little thought I came up with this alternative to the traditional treat, & created these Sparkly Soap Mice! They're just as cute with their twirly string tails, & I know she'll enjoy discovering all the sparkles when she adds them to her bath.

To make our soaps we used:
* Transparent soap base (available from most craft stores online) 
* Essential oil (we used lavender)
* Silver glitter
* String (cut into 4" lengths) for the tails)
* Silicone sugar mice mould (similar to this one)

I started by cutting the large block of soap into smaller sections with a blunt knife & added to an old saucepan. To melt the soap place the saucepan over a low to medium heat & gently stir the mixture occasionally until the solid soap has melted. The trick is not to stir too much, otherwise you'll finish up with a bubbly frothy mixture.
Once all the solid soap had melted I transferred the liquid soap into an old plastic jug, obviously the liquid is incredibly hot at this stage so if you're sharing this activity with young children it's safer for them to just observe this part of the process.
If you wish to add a scent to your soap, add a few drops of your chosen essential oil into the jug & gently stir into the liquid using an old wooden spoon. Be careful though not to add too much essential oil or your little mice with be rather pungent!
Pour your soap into the mice moulds making sure each mould is completely filled, & then sprinkle over a little of the silver glitter. You could add any amount of glitter, but obviously the more you add the more glitter will end up in your bathtub/shower! We add just a tiny pinch of glitter which creates a sparkle in the soap, & adds a shimmer to the bathwater.

To create the tails take a 4" length of string & gently dip it into the soap,  allow the remaining string to rest on the top of the mould away from the soap. (If the string hangs down from the mould it could fall away from the soap while it's drying.) Leave the soaps at room temperature for an hour to set & then gently remove from the moulds.
These make such fun homemade gifts & are bound to create a smile. Either wrap them in white greaseproof paper & tie with some Christmas ribbon, or add them to a small transparent bag & secure with a sticker/ribbon. For more festive fun how about adding a soap mouse to a copy of that great Christmas poem 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (A Visit from St Nicholas).

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