Miniature Fairy Herb Garden

Looking for a creative planting activity for preschoolers? How about creating your own mini fairy herb garden! These are actually great for any age, & a neat way to encourage an interest in plants & caring for living things, as well as exploring creativity & design.

For our fairy gardens we used small plastic dessert dishes, we found 4 for £1 in a local pound store. I made a few drainage holes in the base using a bradawl, & Minnie filled each pot with compost.

I set out a few fairy themed items including; small pebbles, gemstones, sparkly butterfly & foam flower stickers, glitter covered sticks, & cocktail umbrellas which make perfect fairy parasols!

She had a wonderful time interdependently decorating her fairy gardens, using the pebbles & gemstones to create paths, & adding her stickers to decorate the sides of the dish.

Any herbs can be grown in these fairy gardens, but we chose sweet basil & chives as they both grow fairly quickly when placed on a warm, sunny windowsill. Minnie sprinkled the seeds over her gardens & gently covered them over with a little more compost (she made two gardens so added one set of herbs to each pot). She added a couple of glittery sticks to create a fairy woodland, & a cocktail umbrella fairy parasols before spritzing the garden with a little water. Minnie was then ready for her favourite part of the whole activity!

No fairy garden would be complete without... fairy dust! I used fine glitter (pink of course) which made a perfect light pixie dust, & added it to a small fancy pot I've had hanging around for ages. When Minnie caught sight of the pot & I told her what was in it she thought it was truly magic!

She took a pinch of fairy dust & sprinkled it over her mini indoor garden. Her face was a picture! A fairy even flew into the garden to see what was happening!

These mini gardens are currently soaking up the Spring sunshine on our kitchen windowsill, & the herbs are just starting to peek through the soil. Minnie has been eagerly watering & watching the gardens, & with the addition of toy fairies & pixie figures theses little planters have evolved into small world play scenes! She's been careful not to squash any seedlings, & has been inviting the fairy figures to water the garden with her! So cute to watch! 

I love these simple seedling pots, they've already inspired so much creativity & imagination in our house! When our herbs have grown we're planning to transplant them into our herb garden outside, which hopefully the fairies will visit sometime too!  

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