Ice Decorations for Your Garden

Create beautiful Ice Decorations to hang in your winter garden. These frozen works of art are so simple to make, & ideal for all ages.

I've been wanting to create some of these for ages & the current cold weather has given us the perfect opportunity to give them a try.

We collected some silicone moulds & filled them with water. You could of course use any container, but we found these moulds were easier for small hands to remove the ice at the end activity, & also produced some great ice shapes.

Along with the water we added flowers (small roses, freesias) rose petals, glitter, sequins & food colouring. You could experiment by adding anything small enough to fit the moulds; beads, buttons, twigs, leaves, etc.

Once filled we added a length of string to each section, making sure the end was completely submerged in the water, & left outside to freeze overnight. Here's what we found this morning! The dusting of snow was an extra surprise! 

Minnie gently popped each ice decoration out & hung it on a nearby tree for all to admire!
This freesias looked beautiful encased in the ice.

These heart shaped sculptures with roses, & the rose petals looked stunning too.

We found the deeper moulds (in the muffin tray) didn't freeze completely to the bottom, but still created neat results. The glitter & sequins in this decoration really caught the sunlight beneath the glistening ice, great for exploring reflections & light.

Along with the discovery of the water turning to ice, Minnie also discovered that the string in certain moulds had changed colour too, enabling us to explore absorption.

As the decorations began to melt slightly in the sunlight the flowers looked as if they were emerging from the ice. 

Here are all Minnie's ice decs brightening up our snowy outdoor space.

These are great for all ages to create, & magic to discover the next morning when frozen. A neat way to explore art, nature, & science!

Here's our selection of moulds we left outside last night, Minnie was particularly excited to see how the "Hello Kitty" decs turned out! I'll post the pics of these on our facebook page later today.

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